Expertise • Innovation • Proven Methodologies • Leveraged Across Healthcare

In addition to a deep understanding of healthcare markets, AIMS Consulting applies advanced analytics and marketing science to identify the influential factors and developing trends, resulting in significant advantage for their clients.

AIMS Consulting leverages proven methodologies from highly competitive and data bound investment banking and telecommunications arenas as well as innovative thinking from top researchers in academia to meet the emerging needs of the healthcare industry, at just the moment when it is most critical.

With extensive experience, an impressive record of success, and a world-class team of analytics and data mining experts, AIMS Consulting provides unparalleled service. We work directly with our clients in an efficient, straightforward manner. Our principals are hands-on, personally assuring that every project we undertake is distinguished by uncommon efficacy and value.

The AIMS Consulting Leadership Team:

• Khasha Dehnad                                                                                                               Founder and Managing Principal

• Dr. David Belanger PhD                                                                                                   Principal, Data Mining and Visualization

• Dr. Khosrow 'Koz' Dehnad PhD                                                                                       Principal, Analytics and Methodology

• Dr. Mahmoud Daneshmand PhD                                                                                       Principal, University Partnerships and Scientific Collaborations

• Mary Ginnane                                                                                                                     Principal, Client Engagement

• Matthew Casella                                                                                                                 Principal, Technology and Implementation

• Michael Bialek                                                                                                                          Director, Account Services

• Steve Mazzarese                                                                                                                      Director, Account Services