Matthew Casella

Principal, Technology and Implementation

Matthew Casella is a talented data software and systems expert usually found engineering sophisticated data solutions with the latest, emergent technologies.  Most recently, at Bracco Diagnostics, he was instrumental in the design and implementation of a cloud based infrastructure enabling sales force access to business records via the web.

Casella has delivered, developed, designed, and implemented a gamut of large and small scale systems often interconnecting across varied platforms. Notable examples include: building a 6 terabyte data warehouse with a custom SAS data mart for marketing analytics at Citigroup, implementing scoring models of web based customers at Medco Health Solutions and Project Lead/Developer enabling web services in MVS environments, in Financial Services.

Casella authored and presented two white papers at SAS Users Group International (SUGI) Conferences.  His presentations are well received and share examples of his elegant design and coding solutions.

Casella’s career began 25 years ago, as a programmer at IBM, where he was quickly recruited after earning a BS in Computer Science from Manhattan College.